Today I embark on a walk from Brooklyn to Astor Place in Manhattan, New York  ahead of my performance feature at Word! curated by Eva Yaa Asantewaa of Gibney Dance. I was initially set to perform live from Vietnam which would have marked my long awaited return after 11 years since I last left my grandmother's arms. Instead, I am walking today to heal.

Today is not only an attempt to walk the word of HEALING, I am committed to the ongoing practice of walking the talk. The artist compensation that I'll receive post-performance will go towards answering the call by award-winning author Dr. Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai, The Mountain Sings, to help send vital aid and support to @saigonchildren families devastated by the pandemic. 

As I walk today, I'll be stopping at three location/sites before I meet Eva Yaa Asantewaa at the finish line. Along the way, the people the I meet and to those who are moved to give, are invited to join me and this urgent call. 

You can donate below. All funds receive will be bundled into a one-time transaction to the organization. Everyone who joins me will receive a full transparent reportback. And those who give $20 or more will receive a set of custom Peace Walk shields/buttons.

venmo: @walktheword, cashapp $walktheword

***You can also donate directly onto the site at https://covid.saigonchildren.com/

"I am so grateful to 76 people who joined hands with me in helping families with small children in Vietnam who are adversely impacted by the pandemic. Following my call for support, you have contributed 6,599 USD so far to Saigon Children's Charity @saigonchildren and enabled us to send money, food and necessities to 130 families who desperately need help.


Disadvantaged groups in Vietnam continue to be severely affected by the pandemic. Many people are running out of food and money to pay their rent. Tens of thousands of migrant workers have had to flee bigger cities to return to their home villages by their motorbike, bicycles, and even on foot. People have been sleeping on the road and some have died from accidents.

Families with small children need our urgent help and I am working with Saigon Children Charity to ensure that your donations reach families in need. If you can, kindly consider donating via this link: https://covid.saigonchildren.com/" 

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