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a message to LAslang chi :: día bùi
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freestyle burst recorded after the UCLA mother org. coalition townhall on o1.27.22. soundtrack: j. dilla's "so far to go" feat. common + d'Angelo.

Fourteen years ago, I created this time capsule to capture the spirit of STUDENTS FIRST!; the community, the resilience and the celebration. we lost hard in the election but we never lost the fight for student power. 


Never could I have imagined this day would come where the battle to take back student power is with our "own" people. Fourteen + years of abuse, anti-Black racism, manipulation, divisiveness, psychological warfare, gas-lighting, safety negligence, and deliberate erasure of student power at the *hands of Antonio Sandoval with Thuy Huynh as the right hand.

*Not all skinfolk are kinfolk. There are many more enablers and beneficiaries.

My lineage into the UClA Community Programs Office is this:

Cultural Affairs Commission + Samahang Pilipino >>> Mother Orgs/USAC Elections  >>> Vietnamese Student Union + HOPE (Higher Opportunity Program for Education)

Before I ever integrated into VSU, I was Samahang Pilipino first. It was Samahang that embraced me before my own Vietnamese community. I learned "Isang Bagsak" through Samahang first. Still to this day, it is the first chant of unity that comes to mind, heart, and fighting spirit.

Isang Bagsak. One rise. One Fall.

There is no CPO without STUDENT POWER.

Tonight on January 27, 2022, the Mother Organizations at UCLA will gather, rally, and celebrate STUDENT POWER. These are their demands. Therefore, these are my demands.