*the correct book title in reference is "Dream Big, Little One" instead of the source "Little Leaders" (both by Vashti Harrison)

I AM LIVING WILL: play RƎCKONƎR 2.2.22 follows Portrait of a Dancer on Fire o1.18.22 (fourteen+ days later). This is the final precursor to my official living/will in progress in the state of New York. For sometime thru this pandemic, since gasping for breath *alone in the community of Bedstuy, Brooklyn New York, my LIVING/WILL has been at the forefront of my determination to recover what's left; to assemble and salvage a life to be lived in the time left. This site serves as my will; a map of every piece to finish, every song to design, and every kiss to complete with the time left. 

The thirty-minute and forty-three seconds spoken flow arose after a six hour solo with "River" by Ibeyi.

*the asterisk is the light of jumatatu m. poe whose voice helped guide me thru critical condition. without jumatatu...I can't imagine it. threaded here is jumatatu's light that I hold undeniable love for and loyalty to; whose words i feel at peace etched on my stone: "let me love you, let me be"

Below is a rubix of the first reckoning...

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queer adventures soon come

spirits, the art that has saved me over and over again, the making of everlasting love in what you create because it's a responsibility...

cảm ơn salamat po beyond the malecón of mi corazón.