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Do all lovers feel they're inventing something? I know the gestures. I imagined it all, waiting for you.


You dreamt of me?


No. I thought of you.

Guess I'll wait another lifetime, oh (ooh, ooh)
Meet me in another lifetime, oh (ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh)
I guess I'll wait another lifetime (ooh, ooh)
'Cause there I will stay, my darling
I swear I won't run from you

sound >>>

nao live. o2.02.19 (fourteen days later). filmed by día bùi.

Would you fly, would you fly with me?
(If you ever change your mind)
Change your mind, change your mind for me
(If you ever change your mind)
If you find, if you find you ever change your mind
Would you like to go, like to go with me?

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portrait of a dancer on fire is a procession with recordings in single session free flows over a discourse of time. the dates mark the response in return. the titles are sequences of letters. the sounds are each a call, a whisper, a hope, and a dream. hum home is the culmination until the next iteration in fourteen days from o1.18.

"I dreamt that I could paint you with words
But there were no colors bright enough
Black or white enough
Blue or green enough, it didn't mean enough
You are the star that touched the earth
Shine bright for all eyes to see
Radiate and touched me


"Beautiful" remix by Black Star feat. Mary J. Blige played and recited on loop in procession to memory site through 49 minutes on o1.18.22

spirits, the art that has saved me over and over again, the making of everlasting love in what you create because it's a responsibility...

cảm ơn salamat po beyond the malecón of mi corazón.


track 01: the reflex revision remix of "rock with you" by michael jackson 

track 02: j. dilla tribute: miguel atwood ferguson x carlos nino "fall in love" 

nao live at the terminal in nyc

***sub-headline is translated dialogue from the film "Portrait de la Jeune Fille en Feu"